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News Coverage

Some of the below articles were automatically translated by Google

  • Russian Officials Shut Down Country's First LGBT Film Fest
    October 9 2008, Advocate

  • Russia's First LGBT Film Festival Fights On Despite Government and Media Resistance
    October 7 2008, IndieWire

  • "Side by Side": What were authorities afraid of? /Photographs/
    October 7 2008, Private Blog

  • Gay Film Festival Held In Secrecy
    October 7 2008, The St. Petersburg Times

  • John Cameron Mitchell: OMON Backwards Spells 'HOMO'
    October 6 2008, Chtodelat News

  • Russian Officials Attempt (But Fail) to Squelch the Nation's 1st LGBT Film Fest
    October 6 2008, Bilerico Project

  • Valeria Novodvorskaya: "I find it hard to imagine gays storming the Kremlin..."
    February 13 2008, Gay.ru

  • The idea of holding the first International LGBT Film Festival called "Side by Side" planned for this fall, is growing into a real scandal
    February 11 2008, Press-Attashe

  • Gay, cinema: Will there be held the First International Queer Film Festival in Russia?
    February 4 2008, Nasha Versia

  • What is better: Pride Festival in Moscow or LGBT Film Festival in Saint-Petersburg?
    February 2 2008, Gay Russia

  • Talk-show program (N. Burlyaev and N. Alexeev)
    January 29 2008, Novoe Vremya

  • Gay-culture propagandists wouldn't calm down (Mikhail Boyarskiy, Mikhail Svetin)
    January 29 2008, Sobesednik

  • Marina Chen has joined Pro-Film Festival "Bok o Bok" Group
    January 26 2008, Gay.ru

  • Homosexual-Love-Oriented Film Festival (Andrey Zhitinkin, Mark Rudinstein)
    January 26 2008, Echo Moskvi

  • Orthodox Radicals Threaten to Wreck LGBT Film Festival in Saint-Petersburg
    January 26 2008, Gay Russia

  • New attempts to persuade Russia that homosexualism is a norm
    January 25 2008, Regions.ru

  • Alexander Sokurov and Svetlana Surganova support LGBT Film Festival "Bok o Bok"
    January 25 2008, Gay.ru

  • Mark Rudinstein disapproves the idea of LGBT Film Festival in Saint-Petersburg
    January 25 2008, Interfax

  • "Bok o Bok": Gays Are Kept From Closing The Ranks
    January 24 2008, Moj Rajon

  • LGBT Film Festival aroused anger and bewilderment among St. Petersburg cultural figures
    January 24 2008, Echo Moskvi

  • Real passion is flared around the first lesbians and gay festival in Russia
    January 24 2008, Novie Izvestiya

  • St-Petersburg against films of sex-minorities
    January 19 2008, Komsomolskaya Pravda

  • St-Petersburg is afraid of gay invasion
    January 18 2008, What's New?

  • Producer Evgeni Tatarsky: House of Cinema is not the place to display films about gay
    January 16 2008, Gay.ru

  • St-Petersburg does not want "not for everybody" festival
    January 16 2008, Fontanka.ru

  • Majorities are against film festival about non-traditional love
    January 16 2008, GAZETA.SPB

  • St-Petersburg LGBT festival "Side by Side" caused a scandal
    January 16 2008, GAY RADIO

  • Scandal is beginning to flame up about the film festival in St-Petersburg
    January 16 2008, Echo Moskvi

  • Nikolai Burlyaev is against having in St-Petersburg a film festival of non-traditional love
    January 10 2008, GAZETA.SPB

  • Nikolai Burlyaev: We should not be afraid of the shrieks of perverts
    January 9 2008, Russkaya Liniya

  • Russia's First Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Film Festival to Launch in 2008.
    January 9 2008, Interfax

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